Hemp of hot chaffy dish of hemp of sweet hot crab, sweet hot crayfish, Sichuan,
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Hemp of hot chaffy dish of hemp of sweet hot crab, sweet hot crayfish, Sichuan, Chongqing is hot very hot, Guizhou is sweet hot pot, , , , , , these is the same as " hot " , " hemp " of relevant, taste the food that can let tear of stream of people, perspiration readily, arrived summer is welcomed particularly. Especially to those epicure, blowing air conditioning at the same time, at the same time ground of streaming with sweat samples cate, it is the one great a happening that gives great satisfaction or pleasure of life really. To often sitting for the person of the office, a summer is spent in the lukewarm room of air conditioning, should stimulate sweat gland more by piquancy cate, go inside fire.

Immediately, by summer turn autumn, be in power of 11 golden weeks, travel adds cate, be forever inescapable theme. Because, piquancy cate more the arrangement of can plump holiday, begin combustion joy from coating on the tongue, the joy that lets holiday spreads. Right now, if one is full of likewise " piquancy " the model accompanies the left and right sides, that is more perfect.

Each district has common saying, less hot interest jumps over chili strong. Eventually, in numerous small-sized car, discovered can rival hemp hot, sweet hot, acrimony the POLO with 3 big perfect familial piquancy is familial.

Affection of hemp hot interest is worth the aftertaste

Respecting hemp is hot, cannot miss Sichuan. Of Sichuan " hot " be by the earliest one of hep piquancy, because Sichuan people it may be said is,do not have hot not joyous ah. Say greatly, the landform of the basin, all the year round cloud layer is obstructing sunshine, hydrosphere is heavy, must piquancy food will urge sweat, just can assure the body to in good health. As a child say, sichuan produces Chinese prickly ash, and just of Chinese prickly ash is blindly " hemp " important raw material. So, of Sichuan " hot " it is hemp actually hot, hemp of hot like hemp chaffy dish, Chongqing is hot very hot wait with hemp hot and famed.