The crayfish PK of a few kinds of taste
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Sauce bone langouste

About " eat " , I love the new and loathe the old quite, even if again perfect food, also be infatuated with for a long time hard, dan Xiaolong shrimp is an exception. These days autumn wind rises suddenly, air temperature falls gradually, my crayfish " greedy read aloud " anabiosis once more. A collect, the crayfish bound since sending nowadays summer already was " banner of king of irregular change of on top of the city wall " , "13 sweet " it is exclusive pronoun no longer, "Tingle is little " title also cannot include is all.

   Langouste of white bright of VS of sauce bone langouste

"Sauce bone langouste " be in those days I read in Nanjing when love most, but come to Shanghai 3 years never had eaten however, sweet building discovery is collected suddenly this in what Home Xu collects, really surprizing. Allegedly, here " sauce bone langouste " also be specially comes from Nanjing go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures. Sauce of bare of this practice thick oil, with general " tingle is little " than, little hemp piquancy, much broth is bright. Eat " langouste hill " , still have below " the flesh includes character " , it is bone of steam pig hind leg completely add cook over a slow fire of sauce high internal heat, big bone is gnawed suck marrow again, "Ping " fat merry and lively. Additional, here " white bright langouste " also be worth to recommend, on practice and burden relatively simple, but deserve to have the condiment that eats a crab, friend play says to be equal to ate " ineffective troops (sauce) " , flavour delicacy is sweet.

   Curry langouste VS is sweet hot langouste

The newspaper expects small Tao Zhang Yongjian and Yang Xingqi are crayfish lover, still happen to coincide will recommend " Dong Dong " . Allegedly, this inn is a few young crayfish embrace wholesale " conspire " the child of a few months, copartner ambition is ambitious, aim to do Shanghai beach the langouste house of the the most relaxed, richest originality. So, not only inn hall is compared mostly langouste house is clean, connecting 89 kinds of practices also is a crayfish " go the head goes muscle " . Although highest is on its pop chart " the hand catchs crayfish " , nevertheless I feel " curry langouste " and " sweet hot langouste " (have distinguishing feature more. "Curry langouste " very scarce, used the yellow curry of Thailand, gules crayfish surrounds celery, green pepper and onion, raise a key point sweet hot, hearing is via shop of some Thailand food the large kitchen in gives directions, reformed suit Shanghai population flavour. And " sweet hot langouste " , the way is similar sweet hot crab, still have inside glutinous the small diamonds New Year cake of rich flexibility.

   13 sweet VS do langouste of stir-fry before stewing
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